Single Check Coupling – QRC-SC


“PPIPL” Brand Quick Release Couplings or QRC’s are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 certified Engineering plant required to manufacture world class products with international specifications. These products are manufactured from duly certified SS-316 , SS-304 , Brass , Carbon Steel & Aluminium Materials. The main feature of these couplings are there easy Engage & Disengage function which makes them very versatile in operations thus eliminating the need to Loosen & Tighten the Threads each & Every time the connections are to be changed or removed and there Zero Leakage & interchangeability with itself and with other known international brands. These couplings are manufactured from ¼ inch till usually 2 inch sizes but can also be developed for higher sizes also in various End connections like Male End Threads in ( BSP / NPT threads ) , Female End Threads ( BSP / NPT threads ), Hose End Connections with / without Barbed Ends to suit ID of Hose Pipes. These Couplings are used for Transfer of any Medium with ease like Air , Water, Gases, Steam, Oils, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, etc.

Straight Through Couplings (QRC-ST) are couplings without Check Valve on both the sides. In these couplings the Air, Water, Oil, Gases will flow freely from both the sides when they are disengaged as non of the side is having any check valve.