Double Check Coupling – QRC-DC


“PPIPL” Brand Quick Release Couplings or QRC’s are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 certified Engineering plant required to manufacture world class products with international specifications. These products are manufactured from duly certified SS-316 , SS-304 , Brass , Carbon Steel & Aluminium Materials. The main feature of these couplings are there easy Engage & Disengage function which makes them very versatile in operations thus eliminating the need to Loosen & Tighten the Threads each & Every time the connections are to be changed or removed and there Zero Leakage & interchangeability with itself and with other known international brands. These couplings are manufactured from ¼ inch till usually 2 inch sizes but can also be developed for higher sizes also in various End connections like Male End Threads in ( BSP / NPT threads ) , Female End Threads ( BSP / NPT threads ), Hose End Connections with / without Barbed Ends to suit ID of Hose Pipes. These Couplings are used for Transfer of any Medium with ease like Air , Water, Gases, Steam, Oils, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, etc.

Double Check Couplings (QRC-DC) are couplings with Check Valves on both sides i.e. the Coupler Side as well as on the adopter side. In these couplings when they are Dis-engaged Air, Water, Oil or Liquid will not flow out from any of the sides but they can flow only when both the sides are Engaged.